• An innovative password recovering software   Recovering password for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with similar structures
• A personalized password dictionary   Saving both human resource and time cost
• Operates without network and computes against secondary passcode for wallet documents   Safe and Trust
No directly decrypting private keys
• Provides time-estimation   Balancing time cost with personal needs



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Future Plans

Our ensuing plan includes developing larger programs: BitcoinRecovery 2.0 and BitcoinRecovery3.0

  • Version 2.0&3.0 can automatically resume computing after an interruption occurs.
  • Version 1.0 features CPU computing, while version 2.0 and above feature both CPU and GPU computing.
  • Version 2.0 computes in cluster center while use storage server to generate passcode-notebook, which can dramatically increase computing efficiency by using high performance server and cross-testing on password-notebook.
  • Version 3.0 implant computing process on block chains and utilizes POW method to greatly increase the scale of cluster computing and ability to serve.
  • Version 2.0 and 3.0 will feature more user-friendly software interface – easer to use.
  • Version 2.0 and 3.0 may support decryption for more types of wallet documents.
  • After main internet for version 3.0 becomes available, we will be adding more situations and events relevant to decryption-need to further excavate block chain’s computing potential and eventually bring out more profits.


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 Launch beta 1.0; publish online website; release software to public

Q2, 2018

 Debug beta 1.0; optimize computing methods to accelerate decryption process

Q4, 2018

 Initiate developing of version 2.0.; update and release proposal

Q1, 2019

 An official release of version 2.0; test and deploy cluster servers; launch web-version; arrange KYC

Q3, 2019

 Core development of version 3.0

Q4, 2019

 Trials of version 3.0; initiate main network; update press-release and promotion through various channels; update proposal and roadmap

Q1, 2020

 The release of version 3.0, realizing blockchain technology-based passcode-recovery.

Q3, 2020

 Add more passcode recovery support to the main internet, providing support for wallets or apps in demand for password-recovering in various scenarios.


Our Initiator
Run a large-scale software enterprise, CEO
Prospectively interested in BTC and devoted to blockchain technology
Program Manager
10+years working experience in multi-national company,in depth knowledge and experience of financial project,crime risk management,technical marketing design and implementation.
Familiar with complex products development and qualification processes,competency in Analytical Problem Solving,Product & Technology Expertise,Strategic Planning.
Chief Developer
10+years professional experience in multi-national consulting company, strong knowledge of coding language and software technology,
In depth experience of developing software solutions to solve complex business problems.
Has intensive research on the blockchain technology,leading a professional team to develop Bitcoin Recovery
Operation Specialist
Senior manager,strong ability to solve multi-task.
Specialized in business analyst and communication, responsible for customer service, media relations and coordination
Familiar with diverse cultural backgrounds


If you find your wallet document incompatible with BitcoinRecovery, you can contact us through,we will make a customized version specifically for you.Meanwhile, please feel free to contact our team if you have any further questions or concerns. Thanks.



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